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 "世界文化艺术联合总会 "丘程光总会长题书。







Qi Sheng Dao Founder Grand Master Jason Tan

 wrote one poetry couplets 

and inscribed by "FOWCAAS" President Khoo Seng Kong. 

【Qi Sheng Dao】

Ample Qi energy completes a strong constitution

Like a lively dragon or tiger true prowess is displayed

Dao will show the way through Heaven and Earth

Through the right gate all martial arts can be mastered

Poems By Grand Master Jason Tan

“世文联”总会长丘程光题书 Inscribed by "FOWCAAS" President Khoo Seng Kong

陳光億宗师 Grand Master Jason Tan


何谓“炁”?“炁”是中国哲学和道教中常见的概念,一种形而上的神秘能量,不同于气。在中医学中,指构成人体及维持生命活动的最基本能量,同时也具有生理机能的含义。古人写“气”表示空气,写“气”表示谷物的米气,写“炁”表示水气,这个水是指人体中的肾精。道教养生丹法讲炼精化炁,炼的是肾精之水,化的是肾水之炁。所以用“ 灬”代表肾精,用“旡”代表肾气,因为这个气是无形无象。太空是炁体的海洋,空气是含有大量气体分子的炁体,是引起风现象的水,故炁体又名“风水”。风水上“炁”是一种意识流,是“场”的一种状态。虽然在风水著作中常写作“气”,但实际上是“炁”的概念。气功的“气”字,应是这个“炁”。所以,气功名炁功。炁也者,无火之谓炁,这个“炁”就是人吃进食物在消化系统中以人看不见的形式吸收,并经过胃的升华,进入脉络之间,在经络里行走的就是这个炁。

“炁功”在我国有悠久的历史,古代称为吐纳、导引、行炁、服炁、炼丹、修道、坐禅等等。今天我们知道人每时每刻,只要您活着就在用炁功。一吸气,鼻孔、鼻腔都产生了变化:在鼻孔里吸进了从鼻孔筛出来的炁,在鼻腔里,鼻甲释放出来的炁以及从脑垂体出来大量的炁都参与呼吸。如果没有大脑里的炁参与呼吸、没有这些炁的保护,肺脏很快就失去功能!综观上述古人的论述,可见人是依靠天地之精炁而生的,随四时规律而成长,天地之精炁相合为人。天地之精炁是构成人体的基本物质。这就是说人是由炁生成的,人不要违背自然,要顺应自然的规律,通过呼吸、导引等才能达到健身长寿乃至长生的目的。几千年来多少人穷毕生之力都无法弄明白,现在可以清楚地告诉大家:“ 道”就是炁,“ 炁”就是道,万物都是由炁生成的。如在物态变化上,“道”又指分子,而人和分子是炁体的产物,其本质就是炁体。

何谓“道”?“道”的含义在不同的事物上,各有不同。如在人类原始社会时,“ 道”指的是人走的路;开始没有路,由于后来人走的多了,就形成了一条人们经常走的道。称谓:“人有人道、车有车道、马有马道”,各行其道。人生活在社会中就要遵守社会道德,实行人道主义。关爱国家、关爱社会、关爱同胞、关爱自己。易经中的“道”是指天道、地道、人道,说明天、地、人是一个相互联系的有机整体,同时它们又各具不同的特点和规律。



目前此【炁生道】是由陳光億宗师传授口诀于门生,根据中华传统武术为基础来游走九方位,将“炁”发挥全身后就可达到强身健体, 自我防卫的功能,并在武德精神与个人修行的自然法则当中, 也可达到修心养性的天人合一境界。

【Qi Sheng Dao】 Introduction

What is "炁Qi"? "炁Qi" is a common concept in Chinese philosophy and Taoism. A form of mysterious  metaphysical energy that is distinct from “气Chi”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it refers to the most basic energy that constitutes the human body and sustains life activities, and also carries the meaning of physiological functions. The ancient people wrote that "气Chi" represents air, "气Chi" represents the essence of the rice grain, and "气Chi" represents the essence of water. The water here refers to the essence of the kidney in the human body. The Taoist regimen of health and well-being mentions extracting the kidney essence in the human body and refining the "炁Qi" in the water of the kidney essence. This is why "灬huoYu " is used to represent kidney essence, and "旡Ji " is used to represent the gas of the kidney, because this "炁Qi" is without form or shape. Space is the oceanic body of the "炁Qi" , while air is the body that contains a massive body of "炁Qi"  gas and the water that causes the wind phenomenon, which is why the "炁Qi"  body is also called "Feng Shui". In Feng Shui ,"炁Qi" is a stream of consciousness and a state of "field". Although "气Chi " is often mentioned in literary works of Feng Shui, it should actually be "炁Qi". Therefore "气功 Chi Gong” should actually be named “炁功 Qi Gong”. "炁Qi"  is also referred to as "炁Qi" without fire. This "炁Qi"  refers to when  people consume food and absorb it in an invisible form into the digestive system, and after the sublimation in the stomach, they enter the veins and travel in the meridians.

"炁功 Qi Gong" has a long history in our country. In ancient times, it involved breathing, guiding, circulation, ingestion, alchemy, monasticism, meditation and so on. Today we have learnt that one uses:“Qi Gong ” techniques as long as one is alive. Upon inhalation, the nostrils and nasal cavities experience a change: in the nostrils, the “炁Qi” is sieved through the nostril before it is sucked back in. In the nasal cavity, the “炁Qi” released from the turbinate and the large amount of "炁Qi"  released from the pituitary gland also participate in the breathing function. Without the involvement of the brain in breathing, and without the protection of the “炁Qi”, the lungs will soon lose their function! Taking in a broad perspective of the above discussion from ancient times, it can be seen that people depend on the Qi essence of heaven and earth and grow with the ‘four-time law’, and that the essence of heaven and earth are combined into each of us. The Qi essence of heaven and earth is the basic material that constitutes the human body. This means that humans are born from "炁Qi". Humans should not violate the laws of nature, but must conform to them. Only through proper breathing and guidance can fitness and longevity be achieved. For thousands of years, countless people have spent their lives researching but still failed to grasp this theory. It can now be clearly communicated to all that: "Tao" is "炁Qi", "炁Qi" " is Tao. All things are generated from "炁Qi". For example in the change of state of matter, "Tao" also refers to molecules, and humans and molecules are the products of the body of Qi essence. Hence the Qi essence is the body.

What is "Tao"? The meaning of "Tao" varies with different things. For example, in the primitive society of mankind, "Tao" refers to the pathway which people walked on. In the beginning there were no designated pathways, but as more and more people treaded the same path, a pathway was eventually formed which more people continued to walk on. As the saying goes, "People walk along pathways, Cars travel along traffic lanes, Horses trod along horse lanes". Each has its own pathway. Humans living in a society must abide by social morals and practice humanitarianism. We must care for our country, care for our society, care for our fellow citizens, and also care for ourselves. The "Tao" in the “Yi Jing” refers to heaven, earth and humanity, which means that heaven, earth, and people are an interconnected organic whole. At the same time, they possess different characteristics and laws.

The Book of “Yi Jing” is actually about the "Three Realms" of Heaven, Earth and Human respectively. In Chinese Taoism, "Tao" is regarded as "the beginning of heaven and earth, the outline of all things". It represents both the origin of the universe and the highest state of ‘Chi Gong’. Lao Tzu believed that "Tao" is not something that can be seen, heard, or touched with our senses. Because "Tao" is colorless, silent, and invisible. So, how can one detect the existence of "Tao"?

This can only be experienced by the soul in an advanced state of “Chi Gong”. In actual fact, "Tao" is not just the origin of the universe, but also the origin of your body and mind. It's just that you have not gained the awareness. Therefore, Taoist practitioners believe that one should follow the principles of "Tao" and be one with "Tao". Through the practice of Chi Gong, one can realize the body and mind and the existence of "Tao", and be one with it. This is the highest state of Chi Gong that a practitioner aims to achieve. As humans have grown accustomed to believing only what they can detect with their sight, hearing, and touch, they have become skeptical and even deny that which they can’t detect with their senses. This is actually just a form of prejudice.

At present, Grand Master Jason Tan orally imparts this “Qi Sheng Dao炁生道” to his students. It is based upon traditional Chinese martial arts and traverses nine directions. When "Qi炁" is exerted throughout the body, one can achieve the benefits of both physical fitness and self-defense. Within the natural laws of the spirit of martial arts and spiritual practice of self, one can achieve the state of unity between Man and Nature.